Currently, in the United States, healthcare costs continue to increase, patients continue to pay more for less coverage and physicians continue to receive less for services provided.

Automating and simplifying the healthcare financial processes of billing, reimbursement and payments are essential to the survival of quality care at an affordable cost.   Using leading-edge technology, PaymentsMD is laser-focused on delivering solutions to address these issues.
Having difficulty understanding your last doctor’s statement or Explanation of Benefits? At PaymentsMD, we can help you navigate through the maze of medical billing, reimbursement and payment processes. We also make it easy for you to maintain current information about your insurance coverage and to make payments over the Internet, at your convenience.
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Managing a billing office is not why you chose to practice medicine. PaymentsMD allows you to focus on patient care while we ensure you get paid in a timely and accurate manner. Reducing your office administrative and personnel burden is a significant benefit of our services, but increasing revenue collections as much as 30% is not uncommon for our clients.